Behavioral Health Solutions For Your Organization

Thanks for visiting Marsh Psychological Services PLLC, a Behavioral Health company in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Dr. Randy Marsh founded the company to support and strengthen organizations and professionals who provide services to mentally ill and substance abusing individuals, either directly or indirectly.  While Dr. Marsh continues to practice on a limited basis, he is no longer offering a full range of consultation or educational services.  For anyone interested in such services on a smaller or briefer basis, please contact Dr. Marsh to determine his availability.

Non-behavioral health professionals and organizations, such as pastoral counselors and churches, social services agencies, and health providers, are more frequently coming into contact with individuals with behavioral health issues, many times while they are quite distressed and less likely to have received adequate professional behavioral health services.  For this reason, these professionals and organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to address spiritual, health, social and other needs while the individual's mental health problems persist. Training in how to address the needs of such individuals has been helpful in decreasing potential for crises and increased likelihood of follow through with needed support and services. 

Marsh Psychological Services PLLC offers training and supervision.  Hands-on guidance to help you or your organization better serve those for whom you provide care and support.  Whether you are an individual professional or represent an organization, Dr. Marsh is interested in working with you.